Student Testimonials

Attending AYAF 2019 was the best decision of my life so far. The friendships I made are the strongest I have, and the worst part of the camp was saying goodbye to my fellow peers. This camp positively impacted my understanding of aviation and aerospace as I learnt so much information that I didn’t know prior to the forum. After high school, I plan on attending ADFA and whilst being there, study aviation to become a pilot. This program has helped my decision to go through with this option very clear.

An exceptional experience to learn, grow and meet lifelong friends. AYAF has expanded my horizons and fuelled my ambition to join the aerospace industry moving forward into this exciting future. With an incredible leadership team and insight from industry specialists, AYAF has truly impacted my future and will forever be an extraordinary opportunity I have received, one which was filled with incredible experiences that have crafted lifelong memories.

AYAF is an amazing experience that anyone should do – even if you aren’t a major aerospace fan (it will definitely make you one). From fun and engaging interactive activities, such as balsa wood gliders
and model rockets, to networking with industry, AYAF links you with like-minded people from across the country (and gets you within 200m of F-22 Raptors). If you aren’t at AYAF, where are you?

Leader Testimonials

“For myself, the Australian Youth Aerospace Forum has been a life changer. In year 12 I had the opportunity to meet many like-minded peers who really changed my perspective on life after high school. I met students my age with similar interests where we could sit and discuss our ideas for the future whilst simultaneously exploring the aerospace industry available to us in Australia. In 2019 I applied to be a leader, sharing knowledge and past experiences with delegates was fantastic. Delegates and leaders learnt from people from all walks of life. It was and still is a truly memorable time that I’ll never forget, making industry connections as well as lifelong friends.”

– Deklan Soeroes, 2018 Delegate, 2019 AYAF Leader

“As a past AYAF student who is currently studying a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons), majoring in Aerospace and Mechanical at the University of Queensland, I think it would be difficult to overstate how pivotal the forum was to my life. Prior to the week-long trip, I was just mildly interested in aerospace, probably no more than most grade 11 students. The trip ignited my passion for the industry, and was not only an incredible experience – talks from revered companies, tours of hangers and disassembled jet engines – but is also undoubtedly why I am studying to be an aerospace engineer today. Those five jam-packed days, making connections that are now lifelong friends, were the most fun I had all year and shaped who I want to be.”

– Matthew Newell, 2018 Delegate, 2019 Leader, 2020 Deputy Chair

“Coming out of Forum 2019 as a leader after 6 months of organizing and an intensive week-long camp with the students themselves – I would honestly say that this was one of the best, most inspirational experiences I have ever had. At the end of the week, I would hear stories of delegates deciding they want to go to university when at the start of the week, they had not even considered this as an option. Seeing how much delegates enjoyed the week, how much they were inspired by all of the events, and how it affected them when they were leaving, is honestly something that I will never forget.”

– Summer Palmer, 2019 Logistics Coordinator, 2020 Human Resources